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Softball Hitting Tee | Pro Power Drive Swing Trainer Tee

Pro Power Drive Systems (Pro PDS). You may ask What does Pro PDS mean for Softball Players? Well let me tell you.

Fast Pitch softball has always been a “Unique” game. Especially when compared to the game of baseball. With softball the ball is going upward with baseball the ball is going downward. The object of both games is to put backspin on the ball when at point of contact. Well believe it or not when it comes to doing this the swings are the same.

The reason why is because of your “Natural Bio Mechanics” in swinging a bat. The players/coaches that try to change this are the ones that fail. When you see players that just quickly raises their bats straight off their shoulder,no load,no separation, swings with their shoulders or cast their hands out and around the ball and lays their bat flat to swing level throught the zone, these are the players that struggles.

Well, with the Pro PDS Fold-n-Go Swing Trainer Tee it will teach you to hit on the correct plain which is downward towards your “Power Point” then as you rotate your “Natural Bio Mechanics” take over and levels out your bat head automatically and if you look at the Pro PDS Fold-n-Go Swing Training Tee you will see that “Reverse Angle” at the Power Point Zone that allows you to do this at point of contact. I know to a lot of you softball players this does not sound like what you have been taught in the past but I promise you, you use the Pro PDS Fold-n-Go Swing Training Tee and you will become the Line Drive Hitter you always wanted to be with Power.