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Baseball Swing Aid | Pro Power Drive Hips

The Pro Power Drive Hips is Truly One-of-a-Kind that was developed at the Pro’sRequest. By using resistant cords The Pro Power Drive Hips will keep you from Floating/ Lunging Forward and will Strengthen and Build your True Firing Muscles in your Legs and Core. Remember, there is NO weight-training program that can do this. The only time you use your True Firing Muscle is when you swing a bat

The Pro Power Drive Hips will also build your timing between your Legs, Core & Hands. You can use The Pro Power Drive Hips with a The Power Drive Fold-n-Go Tee, soft toss or just doing dry runs swinging your bat. It is also a Total Strengthening Tool from top to bottom when used with a medicine ball. Remember, There is NO substitute for developing Proper mechanics in any part of your game.