About Us

Pro Power Drive Systems has been very Blessed in developing products thats Changing the World of Sports. For the past 8 years we have been developing training tools for the baseball and softball industry. Our very first product was The Pro Power Drive Hitting Brace. Then we developed The Power Drive Fold-n-Go Tee, The Power Drive Pitching Mound, The Pro Power Drive Hips and The Power Drive Pitch-n-Throw Brace. All 5 of these products are wonderful Training Tools!

The success hitters and pitchers have had from these products is incredible. From MLB to Little League you can’t beat them. We are currently finishing up the New development of The Power Drive Stride Strap and The Power Drive Pivot Brace. We have the Very Best MLB Coaches contact us on a regular bases and tell us of common problems hitters and pitchers have. So we work to develop training tools that not only corrects these problem but work hand in hand with what they teach. 2 years ago we were contacted by the Cricket Association from England wanting us to study cricket and try to develop batting and bowling training tools. Well, God has once again Blessed us Big Time! We developed 2 forms of batting products. One for the Traditional Match Cricket and one for the New T20 Cricket. We also have our Pro PDS Power Drive Pitch-n-Throw Brace that works great for bowling. Our goal here at Pro Power Drive Systems is to provide True Training Tools for ALL Sports. They say every great artist has tools he /she can rely on to get the job done right. With the Pro Power Drive Systems that’s exactly what you have. The Right Tools to get the job done right at the plate and on the bump!